Get to know Pastor Chris:  Both Lori and I were born and raised in the Bay.  We have two amazing children that make us proud. Would not want to be any other place then where we are right now in life.  I am so appreciative of  all God has done for us.

Birthday:   February 9, 71

Spouse:  Lori Soto “LoSo”

Wedding Anniversary:  July 15, 94

Children: Veronica Ashley and Christian Jeremiah

Favorite vacation place: The Beaches of Hawaii, Carmel and of course Disneyland

Favorite sports team(s): The Chicago Bulls “Michael Jordan” Dynasty

Who is a hero of yours:  My late Dad.  He was my greatest fan.  I love and miss him.  He was the best man ever.

What do you do in your spare time:  FAMILY TIME

Do you have any strange talents:  Waking up early every morning, even on my days off

Favorite bible person:  Joshua




Phone: (831) 475.4351


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