core values


Inspire people to find hope and life in  Christ



ENCOUNTER God through a worship and prayer, ENGAGE people in church life and community, ENCOURAGE a lifestyle of spiritual maturity



TEACH: We value the Bible as the ultimate authority of truth and all preaching and teaching reaffirm those truths.

CONNECT: We value every person, no matter what walk of life they come from.  The different, the hurting, and the well to do person will all be loved equally.  Every generation is important and we strive to equip every generation of the family according to their stage of life.

SHARE: We value the gift of eternal life and are committed to reconnecting lost people to God by sharing the Good News of Jesus so that no one stays disconnected from Him.  We will support missionariesdoing this same ministry all over the world.

GROW: We value growth in our relationship with God and recognize that sometimes we get stuck.  We desire to see every member involved in training and equipping others.  We’ll practice good stewardship of all resources, and will help people manage their time, gifts, and finances appropriately.

LOVE: We value the process of one’s spiritual journey.  Every guest that walks through our doors is vital and we strive to create a community that is welcoming to all people.

INSPIRE: We value quality, excellence, creativity and innovation in ministry, and we worship God this same way.

EMPOWER:  We believe that God has given us his Holy Spirit to accomplish what he desires to do through us.