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We are committed to reaching all people in all nations. But our first priority must be those who have never heard. We exist as a mission “so all can hear” the saving message of Jesus.


Below is a list of missionaries and missions and para organizations we support at Coast Chapel:


DAVID & LINDA ARZOUNI – World Missions (Information)
MARK & SARAH BROWN – Philippines (Information)
TERRY & BETH JOHNSON – Brazil, Latin America (Information)
HENRY & IVONNE SMITH – Ecuador, Latin America (Information)
SCOTT & MARISA SMITH – Spain, Europe (Information)
DELONN & VALERIE RANCE – Latin America, AGTS (Information)
TANYA ADERMAN – Cambodia, Asia Pacific (Information)
ADAM SHIPP – Intercultural Ministries (Information)

SOME MISSIONARIES ARE IN SENSITIVE AREAS, THEREFORE ARE NOT LISTED. We currently support 3 missionaries in region sensitive areas.


BRANDON KERTSON – Chi Alpha, San Diego (Information)
JIM UHEY – US Chaplain, Disaster Relief Ministries (Information)
WES & JUDY WICK – YES! Ministries (Information)
KIM & LAUREL HARVEY – Rural Compassion (Information)


CONVOY OF HOPE (Information)
TEEN CHALLENGE (Information)
ONE HOPE (Information)


Would You Like to Give to Missions?  Go Here to give a one time offering or to give monthly.   Please note in giving that it is for “Missions.”
You can also let us know if you are planning to be a Monthly Missions Supporter by emailing us your name, address, contact information, and how much you would like to commit monthly to Missions Giving above your monthly tithe and offering.  Thank you for supporting Coast Chapel Missions!


“The spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions. The nearer we get to Him, the more intensely missionary we become.”Henry Martyn, missionary to India and Persia