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I remember reading the headline a few years ago that simply read “Whipping past Cuba, Ivan Roars into Gulf of Mexico.”  It would be Florida’s third hurricane in as many weeks.  It seemed endless, and people are growing weary.  As we saw the pictures on the internet, TV, and in the newspapers, we couldn’t help…

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What is Your Name?

“What’s your name?” He sat there, tired, beads of sweat dripped down his face.  He could feel the touch on his hip, and the limp in his step.  He had wrestled with Him all night long.  Never had he struggled so much, so long.  It wasn’t just the physical wrestling, but the spiritual struggle taking…

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Bread Crumbs and the Glory of God

There’s a bird  walking around inside Lulu’s Coffee Shop even as I type.  He’s getting  his crumbs.  To him this must be heaven.  He’s enjoying the crumbs off  of someone else’s table, probably been stepped on, laying there for  hours, but the birds seems to be pretty happy right now.  What’s funny  is that no…

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Christmas Reality

I remember watching the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and hearing a word I had never heard. Superfluous. Did you ever wonder what superfluous meant? I did, and I looked it up. It means: exceed what is sufficient and necessary; excessive. It seems that at times we have become a society of excess. We want more,…

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Giving Thanks

In this land of plenty, too many of us are left wanting.  To those who would say “I have no reason to give thanks” I would ask you to look again.  We have a roof over our heads and a place to rest tonight.  We have clothes to keep warm, family who love us and…